Sorrento design hotel


Be Spicy


Spicy is not just a hotel. It is a way of life, a way of thinking, a way of being.

Born from the friendship of two young entrepreneurs in Sorrento, the Hotel Spicy Sorrento reflects an entirely new concept of hospitality: sparkling, colorful and fun.

Here, everything is spicy in the truest sense of the word: select lounge music that accompanies you through every space of the hotel, our Spicy Restaurant that cleverly combines Mediterranean traditions and new international trends, our team that is always smiling and helpful, as only we in Sorrento know how to be, and the inherently modern feel of the rooms.

Even Sorrento, with its monuments and its romantic atmosphere, is more fun, more unique... more spicy!



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Sorrento Hotel Italy
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Sorrento (NA) Italy
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