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Sorrento Trips & Tricks

From the famous historic nightlife center of Piazzetta di Capri, the ruins of Pompeii and  the enviable Herculaneum, to the picturesque kiosks on the streets of Amalfi, with their fragrant peppers and lemons hanging in the sun, the Sorrento Peninsula offers more than one "spicy," original and unique route to trek.

Among nights of dancing and a cocktail on the beach, we organize tailor-made tours just for you, to teach you to read the secret poetry of our land.


Irresistibile Capri By Boat

Reach the Island of Capri in style and luxury by a private yacht. Let us guide you on your discovery of the Myth of Capri, celebrities and fashion boutiques, the stacks and nights of aperitifs and endless sunsets in the Piazzetta.

Pompei and Herculaneum

Submerged and hidden for centuries by the lava of Vesuvius in 79 A.D., time has stood still in Pompeii and Herculaneum. Its history and glory now revealed, take a stroll through time in the ruins of houses and stately homes, some still beautifully painted and preserved. The gardens and baths all transport you to ancient times as if you were walking through Rome at the time of the Gladiators.

Amalfi Coast

Rent a vespa or convertible and drive the coastal road that goes from Sorrento and Positano along the Almalfi Coast. This is the only way - with the wind in your hair and ocean views - to breathe in the unique beauty of Amalfi, Positano, Ravello and other beautiful villages perched above the sea.

The Other Side of Naples

Naples is a kaleidoscopic city where history and modernity come together to give life to a reality full of energy and juxtapositions that must be experienced by day and by night. For those who love different adventures, we organize a tour of the Favelas of Naples: the true experience, which is folkloristic and melancholic at times, and one of the most discussed cities in Italy.

In Search of Mermaids In Massa Lubrense

Hunting for Mermaids? You can. A few kilometers from Sorrento are the Massa Lubrense paths overlooking the coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula, where you will find archaeological ruins, ancient abandoned churches and mysterious Mediterranean nature that overlooks one of the most spectacular coastlines in Italy. Right here in the Bay of Ieranto is where, according to the works of Homer, the Mermaids are said to live. There are still those who say, at sunset, they sing their deadly and enchanting harmonies...

Appetizers and Evenings on the Beach

We would be more than happy to organize evenings for you in the most fashionable locations in Sorrento and Positano, or, if you prefer, cocktails on the beach to enjoy at sunset and perhaps make friends with the locals.

The immersioni e co. Diving Company

For more daring sea adventurers, we can plan day and night dives in the most beautiful and unusual stretches of the coast, such as the Protected Area of ​​Punta Campanella. Among octopi, coral, different types of fish and starfish, you may even spot some dolphins!

A Day at the Beach

If variety is what you crave, let us show you a new beach each day you are with us! From Hotel Spicy’s ideal location, every beach is a short journey away. First, are the spectacular Baths of Queen Giovanna, a mere 70 meters from the hotel doors! We are also steps away from the Marameo Beach in Marina Piccola, a beach partnered with Spicy to bring a modern and comfortable time for sun loungers. A bit further, but no less beautiful, are the Pignatella Beach, the old fishing village of Cala Puolo, Marina della Lobra, which is towered over by the ancient church and namesake of the Madonna. Finally, the Nerano, which is home to several beaches with turquoise seas and rich vegetation. Here, among other things, you will find several restaurants where they serve the famous "Nerano Pasta with Zucchini" and, after dinner, they party all night.



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